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The Aikido of Emotion Process - Dealing with Grief and Emotional Pain

Imagine what it would be like to trust your inner experience without resistance or fear. What things might be possible? What might you learn about your self?

The Aikido of Emotion is an experiential mind/body awareness process that Lynne uses and teaches in her sessions. The process assists you in being present to your internal experience (thoughts, emotions, physical sensations) without resistance, fear or judgment.

By using The Aikido of Emotion process, you will learn how being present to your inner experience can lead you back to the deeper truths within yourself, offering you access to your true nature. This work is in alignment with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle on presence and non-resistance.

What is Possible through The Aikido of Emotion Process?

Through The Aikido of Emotion Process you can transform your relationship with your emotions, feelings, physical sensations, subconsciously held beliefs, and pain. In the process of transforming your relationship with your body and mind, you can gain:

  • A deeper knowledge of your own personal needs

  • A more compassionate heart for yourself and others

  • Enhanced relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues

  • Greater access to your intuition and personal power

  • More happiness, peace, joy, aliveness and freedom

  • Enhanced well-being, health and vitality

Over the last 17 years I've helped thousands of people feel better and move forward in their lives. I want to hear your story and give you a safe place to heal and make it better. You don't have to wait another minute to feel better and start thriving! Make an appointment today: 512 560-8703.


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