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Aikido of Emotion

Imagine what it would be like to trust your inner experience without resistance or fear. What things might be possible? What might you learn about your self?


Aikido of Emotion is an experiential technique and practice that teaches us how to be present to our internal experience (thoughts, emotions, physical sensations) without resistance, fear or judgment.


By using the Aikido of Emotion technique, we learn how being present to our inner experience can lead us back to the deeper truths within ourselves, offering us access to our true nature. This work is in alignment with the teachingsof Eckhart Tolle on presence and non-resistance.

What is Possible through Aikido of Emotion?


A new perception and practice that transforms your relationship with your emotions, feelings, physical sensations, and pain. And by transforming your relationship with your inner landscape, body-mind, you can enjoy:


· A deeper understanding of your true self and your needs

· Your compassionate heart is more available to you and others  

· Enhanced relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues

· Greater access to your intuition and personal power

· More happiness, peace, joy, aliveness and freedom

· Enhanced well being, health and vitality

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