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Your body cannot function optimally without the proper fuel.  Most of us don't even know what the best fuel is for our particular body and mind.  Even the most pristine diet will be missing some vital nutrients due to depleted soils lacking in minerals and other key nutrients even if organically grown.

Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. To do so, we need to eat a healthier diet, exercise, and take high-quality supplements made from whole foods. We need to supply our bodies with nutrients we are not getting from our diet—all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and phytonutrients that foods possess in a way that nature intended, in a whole food form. 


Scientific studies are finding that inflammation in the body and the gut are linked to many disorders including mental symptoms and diseases. Inflammation of the brain and nervous system is called neuro-inflammation.  Antidepressants and other drugs

do not solve the issues of inflammation, but proper nutrition and other lifestyle practices do.  

Lynne offers an integrative approach to health and body/mind symptoms.  The whole food nutrition Lynne suggests will nourish the various systems in your body and help you to start feeling better due to nourishing your organs, glands, blood, nerves, skin and bones.  Once you start feeling the positive effects, you will naturally want to make better lifestyle choices for yourself. Let's start a program to nourish your body/mind so you can take greater control of your well being and start feeling really good...Let's start today! 

My personal story:  I started seeing a nutritionist in 1981.  I was out of control eating lots of sweets and junk food. I was having one infection after another, conjunctivitis, yeast infections, colds, bronchitis, you name it, and I was also 22 pounds overweight and unhappy about it!  Emotional overeating was my strategy for stuffing down my feelings with food because I didn't know how to feel my feelings.  I was also depressed and anxious.


I started eating whole foods and began to lose my cravings for the junk.  My nutritionist said that our taste buds get trained to like what we eat, so when I started eating real food, that's what my taste buds started wanting. I stopped being sick, regained my health and leveled out to a healthy weight.  I've come a long way over the years with the help of counseling and nutrition.  Now I have a very clean diet and if I do overindulge, it is usually pretty benign.  

I also noticed that I am more free of my food addiction and I realized that I kept eating because I was needing something I wasn't getting.  Now, I don't overeat, I enjoy my food and I just eat what I need.  I am not thinking about food all the time. I started whistling and singing more, and having more energy for social events.  I am now able to be more loving and patient with myself and others.  

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