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Resources & Links - EMDR and Imago Relationship Therapy




Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing was developed to alleviate the symptoms associated with traumatic memories.  EMDR used successfully, can release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that get lodged in the brain from early traumatic and stressful events of the past. EMDR therapy uses repetitive sets of eye movements or tapping and specific strategies which usually result in immediate relief of symptoms, and positive changes in perception.




Imago therapy shows us that the higher purpose of romantic relationship is to heal the unresolved past.  The seemingly irrational and unproductive responses experienced in a relationship begin to make sense when the couple links these responses to their past.  Imago is about helping one another heal the past and grow, to create a truly interdependent relationship where mature love thrives.




The Enneagram was developed as a psychological tool to identify different aspects of personality and its development.  In this system, there are nine distinct personality types with many variations.  These types developed in us as strategies to cope or adapt to one's early environment.  The Enneagram helps us to understand what motivates our behavior, so we can begin to relax our automatic reactions and be more present to respond authentically to ourselves and others. It takes us from autopilot to conscious living.


Take both Enneagram tests:






Over the last 17 years I've helped thousands of people feel better and move forward in their lives.  I want to hear your story and give you a safe place to heal and make it better.  You don't have to wait another minute to feel better!  Make an appointment today:  (512) 560-8703



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