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Lynne Arial, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Relationship & Life Coach
Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Nutritional Psychology
(512) 560-8703


My mission is to serve with heartfelt compassion and provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to navigate through their pain and trauma. To assist my clients in developing self-compassion and transform their experiences and perceptions of themselves, others and life. With self-compassion and curiosity we can grow personally and spiritually. We can BE ALIVE & THRIVE not just survive!


A little bit about my journey: In my family we didn't talk about our feelings or say what we were upset about. My parents were unhappy and fought a lot, and I didn't know how to make it better.  I was in pain and felt unlovable, and unsafe. I tried to be perfect thinking this would make them love and care for me.  I became overweight from overeating to get comfort and pleasure, and to avoid my pain. I also didn't feel safe in the world from my experience at birth. I was fed on a schedule instead of on demand, so I didn't know when or if I would be fed. I realized as I went through counseling that the infant part of me decided she was not safe and was very scared that she would starve and not survive.  


Now it makes perfect sense why I would compulsively overeat and feel more secure when my refrigerator is full of food. I didn't have support for what I was going through emotionally. I struggled all my life, and finally in college I went to see a counselor where I learned that I didn't think too highly of myself. Wow, I didn't know that! I thought there was something wrong with me because I had some intense feelings and I didn't know what to do with them.  


I began to accept myself, and I learned how to comfort myself when uncomfortable feelings arose inside of me. I gained compassion for the kid in me who felt scared, lost and alone. I learned how to feel, release and express my emotions, and that it is normal to have feelings. My overeating diminished as I felt my emotions without judging myself, and I became curious about the experiences I had as a child. I had some core beliefs that I made up as a child that affected my life in a big way. I even started having compassion for my parents, and eventually I forgave them.


This is how I became a counselor, I wanted to share the benefits that I have received because it changed my life. Your life can change too! If you're ready, give me a call:  (512) 560-8703.


Professional Credentials & Education:
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  • Certified Relationship & Life Coach, Conscious Uncoupling Coach

  • Nutritional Psychology to Support Gut/Brain Chemistry

  • Santa Clara University, Graduate School of Counseling Psychology, Masters Degree (MA)

  • Metropolitan State University, Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Health & Wellness Education

  • Certified Process Therapist, Process Therapy Institute, Los Gatos, CA.

  • Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa,CA.

  • Completed the basic training in EMDR 

  • Training In Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

  • Training In Imago Relationship Therapy, Founded By Harville Hendrix, PhD.

  • Training In the Enneagram Personality Typing System

  • Training in Mindfulness Meditation, Centering Prayer & Yoga

  • Certified Postural Integration Therapist, Institute for Postural Integration, Boulder, CO






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