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Nutrition for your Pets

Your fur babies need good nutrients like you do.  Along with a customized diet, Lynne will add targeted whole food nutritionals from Standard Process for you pet.  See more about the great nutrients from Standard Process:

Meet my dog Kiss.  He has quite a story.  I adopted him in November of 2016 from a Poodle Ranch in Oklahoma where he was part of a very large pack.  He was a loner and was picked on by the other pack members.

When I brought Kiss home, he was very nervous and had PTSD.  He was very frightened of other people and dogs.  He has come a long way in 18 months with great nutrition from a primarily raw food diet and lots of love.

A few months ago I added a nutritional from Standard Process called Canine Whole Body Support.  I noticed that Kiss's breath smelled much more pleasant, his eyes were brighter, and his fur was really shinny.  Then a few weeks ago I added Canine Adrenal Support, and oh my goodness, Kiss is so much more calm and loving!  What a change!!!


Let me know if you'd like a free consultation for your pet.  I have helped many dogs and cats over the years with diet and behavioral tips.  

Contact me at (512) 560-8703

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