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Our Vision

Awakening Your Heart

I am newly engaged to an amazing man who fully supports me in being myself. I never thought I would be in love and have an amazing partner to join me in life at age 67.  The phenomenal thing is that this is the first relationship I've been in where I am fully supported in being in my total feminine power...WOW!


Brian, my partner and I are joining our businesses together to create an amazing synergy of classes, workshops and eventually retreats to awaken, enliven and rejuvenate our/your relationships with lovers/partners, husbands and wives, parents/children, even with bosses and friends.​


Some of our class offerings will include:

What's in the way?


Assertiveness and  Boundaries.

Rekindling the Fire.

Sexy Yoga.

How to Create Connection.

Housework as an Aphrodisiac for Women.

Show your man how to win with you.

A Romp in Nature.

And more...


Stay tuned this coming  January 2024 for our class offerings! Join our mailing list below.

Start Now

Your Gut, Your Brain, Your Health

You can have it! Feel better, look better and live better!

Did you know that scientific studies are finding that inflammation in the body and the gut are linked to many disorders including mental symptoms and diseases. Inflammation of the brain and nervous system is called neuro-inflammation.  Antidepressants and other drugs do not solve the issues of inflammation, but proper nutrition and other lifestyle practices do.  


Please join us for a fun and informative evening to explore the true causes of inflammation, and what you can do to bring balance to your body and mind.

Offerings starting this January 2024

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