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Are Your Parts Running Your Life?

In order for our ego to become healthy and become an integrated part of our essential self, it has to be attended to. The egoic self is comprised of all the parts of us, or inner children who didn’t get their developmental needs met, and created a story about themselves and the world. Some of these basic needs include the needs for safety, physical and emotional nourishment, care and hygiene, security, stability, love, touch, affection, nurturing, mirroring, attention, etc.

This is why Eckert Tolle says the ego is always in lack. However, Tolle does not tell us how to transform the egoic self. He teaches us how to be present with the lack, and how to sit with the pain of the lack, and this is imperative, however, we do not have to leave the ego in lack. We can transform this state of lack into a state of abundance, thus allowing our already present states of joy, peace and love to emerge more fully from within us. We can then become the co-creators that we are meant to be in the universe!

When we turn inward, show up, and become present for the child parts in us, we can offer these children our attention and support, then we are able to validate their feelings and experiences. As we do this and give them what they needed, a corrective experience happens where they begin to shift and transform. Then they are able to grow up and become integrated into the whole, into the essential being that is our true nature. Until this process happens, we will continue to suffer, to experience negative thoughts and emotions, and blocks to moving forward in our lives. In order to evolve into the being we are meant to be; co-creator with the universe, we have to attend to our inner children and assist them in growing up. As we do this inner work, we develop love and compassion for ourselves, and a greater understanding of the path we have walked. We release self-hatred and blame, we forgive ourselves and the past, and we realize that everything we went through was part of our journey of becoming…for once, everything that has happened in our lives makes perfect sense!

We are now free to embrace the present, and respond instead of react to life. We witness the flowering of our hearts and blossoming of our Spirits…we are ONE with life, filled with joy, aliveness and possibility. Once we are here, there is nothing to do but share ourselves, and our light with the world. We are free to give our gifts and talents to the world, there is no more lack or limitation. No more resistance to life, bring it on!!!

This is the journey of awakening to who you really are and to what is possible! Are you ready to embark on this journey? If you are, contact me, Lynne Arial (512) 831-4856 and we’ll get started...Carpe diem!

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