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Benefits of Body Focused Therapy

Frequently asked questions:

How is Body-focused psychotherapy different than talk therapy?

We can have great insights and understand things better that have happened to us with talk therapy. However, talk therapy is more of a cognitive and mental process. When we are children we make up things and create stories and beliefs about ourselves and the world. These beliefs and ideas get stored in our sub-consciousous mind. The body is a physical manifestation of our sub-consciousous mind, so beliefs and ideas as well as traumas get stored in our bodies. I always say, the issues are in the tissues! I learned that in my bodywork training.

How will I benefit from body focused psychotherapy?

Since these past beliefs, issues, and traumas are stored in the tissues of your body, the only way to really resolve and heal the unresolved issues of the past is to incorporate the body in the process. The benefit is resolution and healing of the past, not just understanding it and having insights about it.

How does it work? Do you touch my body as with bodywork?

No, I don't touch your body, I guide you to the places in your body where information that needs resolution is stored. And together we process that information to achieve resolution of the issues.

Receiving body work and energy work in conjunction with body focused therapy is always helpful to speed along the process. I have great colleagues who I work with to refer you to.

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