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Healthy Chocolate Blueberries

I created a really healthy chocolate treat. This has real organic cocoa powder. You can also use raw cacao powder, or carob powder for no caffeine.

  • Melt two tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil on low heat. (It’s not necessary to use high heat, just enough to warm the oil).

  • Remove pan from the heat and add in three teaspoons of cocoa powder. (Use more for a really dark chocolate. You can also use carob powder if you don’t want caffeine, or use half cocoa and half carob for less caffeine). Stir until you have a chocolate syrup consistency.

  • Add in liquid stevia to taste. Last night I used about 15 drops for two servings. (For this recipe, I like the liquid form better, and my favorite brand is SweetLeaf).

  • Add 1/2 cup organic frozen blueberries, or any berry to the chocolate mixture and stir until the chocolate hardens. (Using frozen fruit is what hardens the chocolate).

  • This recipe makes about two servings, depending on your sweet tooth!

Now you have a wonderful healthy chocolate treat that is ready to be devoured. Have fun experimenting. Feel free to substitute different kinds of frozen fruit. You can use fresh fruit, then put it into the freezer for just a short time to harden the chocolate.

You can also use different sweeteners, but I recommend stevia because it will not effect your blood sugar, and raise your glycemic carb load like other sweeteners will. It has no calories, and will not cause weight gain. I do not recommend any artificial sweeteners made from chemicals. It is simply not healthy!


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