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There Is Only ONE!

I tune in each day to THE ONE inside of me. I ask THE ONE for healing, guidance, love and comfort and I receive amazing gifts and insights each day. I am so grateful that I have found THE ONE inside of me...YUM!

Today I realized that I see myself as separate from THE ONE. I still identify myself as a separate person, body, a personality living alone in the world. I realized there is only ONE, THE ONE. There is only ONE of us, not two!

We are all doing this separate dance and thinking we are these individual people, individual bodies, individual is the illusion. What an amazing illusion! What an amazing creation and see ourselves as multiple, all to realize there is only ONE. All is in service of THE ONE! This dance is in service of THE ONE!

I am THE ONE. You are THE ONE. All is THE ONE. There is only ONE! Death is going back to THE ONE, letting go of the illusion. We can let go of the illusion before death comes.

Who do you identify yourself to be? Who are you? What is the truth of who you are? What is the illusion? This is a worthy exploration!

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