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A holistic way to inner freedom, health & wellbeing

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"What ever you accept, you go beyond...if you fight it, you're stuck with it."  
                                                                                                                     Eckhart Tolle

GET FREE of the PAST, FEEL BETTER  and start THRIVING instead of surviving with Inner Child Recovery Process, Internal Family Systems, EMDR Therapy and other modalities that help you deal with old emotional pain, and the false core beliefs and stories that keep you from being who you were born to be.


You may be thinking at times - what's wrong with me? Maybe you have conflict or pain inside. Whatever the symptoms, you know you're not feeling well emotionally. Maybe you and your partner are not getting along or you may feel embarrassed about what you're going through – these issues are always hard to talk about. I'm here to help you get free of the past, and move into a healthy and happy life with fulfilling and rewarding relationships.


My name is Lynne Arial and I specialize in Transpersonal Psychology and Holistic Health options that are designed to help you deal with emotional pain, relationship issues, family conflict, lifestyle changes, and more. I'm able to help you wherever you are in Texas with therapy, via a special online site like Skype. I also facilitate coaching sessions online globally. Let's connect and see what your needs are! 


There are many signs that could point towards suppressing past emotional pain or trauma. Just a few you might be experiencing are:


  • Emotional eating and weight issues

  • Overindulging in substances, food, habits or people

  • Dating frustration - not attracting the right people

  • Relationship issues - getting triggered/having reactions from the past, not able to be assertive, maintain appropriate boundaries, or negotiate well

  • Codependency - not recognizing your own needs, over-giving

  • Being too dependent on relationships or others for your happiness

  • Problems sleeping

  • Conflicts with friends, family or co-workers

  • Difficulties controlling your anger

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Health issues

  • Barriers to receiving

  • Money issues


All of these symptoms can create a sense of shame, frustration and a lack of self confidence and inner peace. I can help you break free from that thinking and understand how to deal with the deeper issues that manifest in these symptoms.


I know what you're experiencing doesn't feel good and causes you worry and pain. Believe it or not, how you are feeling and acting does make sense at a deeper level - it could be that the pain of your past is seeping into your daily life. The most important part of my job is empowering you to free yourself from the limitations of your past, and become the truly amazing person that you are.


Give me a call and we can set up a meeting to talk via phone or online. You can pay with a credit card via Square ,PayPal or Apple Pay.  Just let me know when you're ready, and we'll get started right away! (512) 560-8703

Austin, TX 78704 USA
(512) 560-8703


Available Treatments
  • Inner Child Recovery Work​

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work

  • Couples and Marriage Therapy Imago + others

  • Certified Relationship Coaching

  • Relationship Preparation

  • Somatic/Body Centered Therapy

  • EMDR

  • Nutritional Psychology to support gut/brain chemistry

  • Individualized Nutritional Programs for overall wellbeing

  • Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching 

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